The Great Gatsby

by: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Narrated by: Jake Gyllenhaal
Duration: 4 hrs and 49 mins
Publication Date: 2013-04-09

Audio Book Summary

Audie Award Finalist, Classic, 2014

F. Scott Fitzgeralds classic American novel of the Roaring Twenties is beloved by generations of readers and stands as his crowning work. This new audio edition, authorized by the Fitzgerald estate, is narrated by Oscar-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback Mountain). Gyllenhaal’s performance is a faithful delivery in the voice of Nick Carraway, the Midwesterner turned New York bond salesman, who rents a small house next door to the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby. There, he has a firsthand view of Gatsbys lavish West Egg parties – and of his undying love for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan.

After meeting and losing Daisy during the war, Gatsby has made himself fabulously wealthy. Now, he believes that his only way to true happiness is to find his way back into Daisys life, and he uses Nick to try to reach her. What happens when the characters fantasies are confronted with reality makes for a startling conclusion to this iconic masterpiece.

This special audio edition joins the upcoming film – as well as many other movie, radio, theater, and even video-game adaptations – as a fitting tribute to the cultural significance of Fitzgeralds Jazz Age classic, widely regarded as one of the greatest stories ever told.