Slaving Away (Series 2)

by: Miranda Kane
Narrated by: Slaving Away
Duration: 3 hrs
Publication Date: 2019-07-12

Audio Book Summary

Contains explicit content.

Mirandas back, but shes not sticking around for long.

In an attempt to regain her mojo, shes packing up her whips, chains and thigh-high boots to leave London, and set out on a road trip unlike any other.

With her best frenemy, and fellow dominatrix, Mistress Laveen in tow, she heads out to see what delights u2013 and displeasures u2013 they can dish out from the comfort of budget hotel rooms across the UK.

Following straight on from the first hilarious season, theres more kink, perversion, and an unlikely friendship as the two of them fight for whats right… and whats oh-so-delightfully wrong.

Its almost, but not entirely, totally unlike Thelma & Louise.

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