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Putin: Prisoner of Power - Audiobooks.ie

Putin: Prisoner of Power

by: Misha Glenny
Duration: 2 hrs and 45 mins
Publication Date: 2019-08-20

Audio Book Summary

On New Years Eve 1999, a young Vladimir Putin appeared on Russian TV screens u2014 awkward, self-conscious… and the new President. Two decades later, Putin is still in power, standing self-assured and at ease on the world stage. How did a once little known KGB bureaucrat become one of the most dominant figures of twenty first century politics?

In this gripping narrative history, Misha Glenny, journalist and best-selling author of McMafia, tells the story of an unexpected and swift rise to power u2014 one full of political intrigue, backroom deals, courtroom battles and war.

Insider Kremlin accounts and well-known journalists reveal how Putin was first chosen by Yeltsin and the Oligarchy and how he then went head to head with Russias richest man. After Putin had consolidated power he needed to stay in power. The second half of the series tells the story of how he took over the media, Crimea and increased the powers of the KGB. Finally, Misha considers what Putin might do next.

Produced by Dasha Lisitsina, Executive Producer Russell Finch.
A Somethin Else production for Audible Originals.

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