More Bedtime Stories for Cynics

by: Nick Offerman
Narrated by: Bedtime Stories for Cynics
Duration: 3 hrs and 26 mins
Publication Date: 2019-05-03

Audio Book Summary

Make sure the kids arent around! Just because youre a grown-up doesnt mean you cant enjoy the art of the childrens bedtime story. Nick Offerman presents this collection of 15 short stories written in the style of a classic kids tale, but with a decidedly dark and adult approach.

What really happened after Snow White died, from the perspective of the one medically trained dwarf? A naive wizard professor reports back from the trenches of an underprivileged school of magic. A middle age man is haunted by the voices of his own aging body.

The stories will make you laugh, cry and probably squirm a little. All performed by actors like Patrick Stewart, Alia Shawkat, Ellen Page, Mike Birbiglia, and many more.

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