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How to Outperform - Audiobooks.ie

How to Outperform

by: Lisa Mainwaring
Narrated by: Charlene White
Duration: 2 hrs and 50 mins
Publication Date: 2019-04-18

Audio Book Summary

Journalist Charlene White gains unprecedented access to some of Britains oldest and most famous companies and institutions to find out what makes them successful. In each episode we will meet the people behind this success; senior management and staff, past and present, this series gets under the skin of these world famous organisations.

We learn how they have each employed distinct cultures, systems and techniques in order to stand the test of time. We also hear about the companies biggest failures throughout their history and what they learnt.

With the help of Paul Anderson-Walsh, Director of The Centre for Inclusive Leadership; and research by Professor Alex Hill, Kingston University & Director of the Centre for High Performance; each episode identifies how these business lessons can be applied directly to your own life; how to improve your productivity, stay motivated and get ahead.

This is an Audible Original Podcast. Free for members. You can download all 6 episodes to your Library now.