Blood Territory

by: Mark Whittaker
Duration: 4 hrs
Publication Date: 2019-08-19

Audio Book Summary

Please note: this series contains mature themes and graphic imagery; and listener discretion is advised.

How far would you go to clear the name of the man convicted of your sons death?

Red blood stains the red soil of the Australian Northern Territory in this true crime Audible Original Podcast, Blood Territory.

Less than 250,000 people live in the Northern Territory, an area more than twice the size of Texas. If you want to escape from civilisation, you dont have to go far. But you cant outrun the heat. Every year during October and November the sweltering climate can drive people wild; they call it Suicide Season, Mango Madness or, more plainly, The Build-up.

Its during this blistering heat that Jim OConnells body is found in a creek bed, mummified and with his genitals removed. But when a dubious plea deal buries the truth and puts Jims best mate, Philip Mather, behind bars for the crime, the victims parents seek to unravel it themselves to prove Philips innocence.

Follow journalist Mark Whittakers journey into the murky heart of the Northern Territory as allegations of police corruption and judicial racism emerge and a shadowy figure known as The Vigilante lurks on the fringe of the investigation.

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